This Weeks TOP 10 Guides Released :

Vector for PC | How to get Vector on your Personal Computer

WhatsApp for iPad – Download and Install | WhatsApp for iPad MINI

WeChat for PC – Another Messenger App for PC

Opera Mini for PC – How to Get Opera mini on PC

SubWay Surfers for PC  Download Install Windows 7/8/Vista/XP

Soundhound for PC Download for Windows 7/8/Vista/XP

Fring for PC – Free Download Windows 7 / 8 / XP Install

UC Browser for PC – Free PC Version Download Guide

JetPack JoyRide For PC – Check out the guide we have just released !!!

WhatsApp iPod Touch – Another WhatsApp Guide Download and Install for iPod Touch

Fruit Ninja for PC | Free Dowload & Install Guide

 How to Download Android Apps and Games to PC

Bazooka apps has the best guides on downloading android apps to pc. We use three different programs to do this. Bluestacks, YouWave and IntellAppUp. Our android apps free download to pc, our free guides are not just normal apps, its Games, messenger apps and general apps. We hope by the end you know how to download android apps to pc. Enjoy. – start right here

TOP 8 Mobile Phone App Guides by Bazooka Apps ?

Bazooka Apps the best and freshest guides and content on the web. All unique tested and continuously supported. Below is the top 8 Guides. Tell us what you think and you may be rewarded !



Instagram for PC

Bazooka Apps is here to show you How to get Instagram for your windows PC. If you are looking for the MAC version of Instagram please go here. Instagram for PC is available with the Bazooka Apps guide. Instagram is officially only available for smartphones but we will show you the best way to download instagram onto your personal computer Follow The Bazooka Here

Temple Run for PC

Today you will play Temple Run for PC. This guide covers temple run for pc and temple run 2 for pc. Both methods are exactly the same. Temple Run and Temple Run 2 is a game originally for mobile devices and it is developed by Imangi Studios. The game has become so popular that it’s now made available for PC! The PC version of Temple Run 2. Follow The Bazooka Here

Whatsapp for PC

How to get WhatsApp for your windows PC with Bazooka Apps. If you are looking for the whatsapp for MAC version  go here for that guide. WhatsApp for PC is available with the Bazooka Apps guide but it is not officially available from Whatsapp inc. WhatsApp Messenger is officially only available for smartphones currently. Here at Bazooka Apps we will show you the best way to download WhatsApp Messenger onto your personal windows computer. Follow The Bazooka Here

Shazam for PC

Shazam for PC is a cool App that allows you to recognize any song you hear. it is not officially supported by Shazam but we here are Bazooka Apps, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to delight our users. People ask is there a  program like shazam for pc? why look for an alternative if you can get Shazam on your PC following the Bazooka Apps, Sahzam for PC Guide Follow The Bazooka Here

Fruit Ninja for PC

Fruit ninja for PC is not available officially, but you can play Fruit Ninja on your PC Free. You can have Fruit Ninja in just a few minutes and have as much fun playing this game on your mobile phone. You then download and install Fruit Ninja for pc right here and all the information and downloads are free. Follow The Bazooka Here

Whatsapp for Mac

WhatsApp Messenger is a great a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS costs, is only available officially for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia. Get WhatsApp for Mac If you want to use WhatsApp Mac OS X, Macbook or get  whatsapp Macbook pro downloaded and installed. Follow The Bazooka Here

Viber for PC - Official PC Version

How would you like Viber for your personal computer. Bazooka Apps has the best guide on Viber for PC. Follow this easy walk-through and in 5 minutes you will have Viber on your windows PC. There is now an OFFICIAL download from Viber to get Viber for Windows. We have a full download and install guide for the official Viber for your windows pc. Follow The Bazooka Here

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga for PC – The super hit game Candy Crush Saga is now available for Android phones and tablets!. Bazooka went and did his little spin on Candy Crush Saga to start playing Candy Crush Saga for PC in a few minutes. I came across this addictive game when visiting me niece, she is 11. Follow The Bazooka Here

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