Lets get Candy Crush Saga for PC.

Candy Crush Saga For PC Download and Install Candy Crush Saga for PC – The super hit game Candy Crush Saga is now available for Android phones and tablets!. Bazooka went and did his little spin on Candy Crush Saga to start playing Candy Crush Saga for PC in a few minutes. I came across this addictive game when visiting me niece, she is 11. So now we can play Candy Crush Sage, me on my PC and she kan keep playing it on her tablet. We stopped fighting ;)

Just released : SubWay Surfers for PC – Check out the guide we have just released !!!

Please see the note below – some PC’s Candy Crush Saga does NOT WORK.

She was playing it on her iPad, but I quickly realised it was on android aswell. So I went to the office on a sunday and collected all the information. now we have a great guide on Candy Crush Saga for PC right here on Bazooka Apps. Also we have some other games you can play on your PC have you seen how we pawn Temple Run for PC the Temple Run for 2 for PC guide is the same ting. Then the best game download currently for Bazooka Apps is Fruit Ninja for PC – this is a freaking awesome addictive game. Last but not least the game we added yesterday was Doodle Jump for PC.  Now you can choose any of those games. So now you can with Candy Crush Saga switch and match your way through more than 100 levels in this delicious and addictive puzzle adventure. if you are an avid Candy Crush Player a great alternative is Cut the Rope. We have added a guid on getting and downloading cur the rope for pc here. Right lets continue with what you have come here for.

Candy Crush Saga PC features:

★ Tasty graphics that will leave you hungry for more
★ Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master
★ Over 100 sweet levels
★ Leaderboards for you and your friends
★ Items to unlock by completing levels
★ Boosters and charms to help with those challenging levels
★ Seamless synchronization with the Facebook version


Playing Candy Crush Saga on your PC

Candy Crush on PC other than Facebook If you played while connected with Facebook, your progress is stored on the Facebook account and will not be lost. However, if you played offline (not connected to Facebook), the progress is saved locally, on the device, and will be lost when the application is deleted or the phone restored to factory settings. This means when you play Candy Crush Saga on PC your Facebook profile’s account will NOT be affected.

Downloading Candy Crush Saga – Android and for PC

Downloading Candy Crush Saga onto your pc using your android virtual device is pretty simple to do. The download of Candy Crush Saga is approximately 37Mb.  You search for Candy Crush Saga then click on the download link.

Here is the guide to how to install an android emulator.

Here is the full guide on Candy Crush Saga Download for PC.

  • Open the search icon on your android emulator.
  • Type in Candy Crush Saga – do not type Candy Crush Saga Download or something similar, just type in Candy Crush Saga
  • Wait for the android virtual device to search the available app store for the free Candy Crush Saga Download
  • When the results are finished, click on the first result.
  • This Candy Crush Saga Download worked for us.

Installing Candy Crush Saga onto your Windows PC

The Great thing about Candy Crush Saga for PC download it that installs onto your personal computer after the download is completed. If you have a google account and know how to download APK files to your PC. You can do that. When you have downloaded the APK file, just double-click on the file to install Candy Crush Saga on your PC Free.

Now that you have installed Candy Crush Saga onto your computer, it is now a great time to start playing the game.

NOTE: this Game does not Work With All the Android Emulators – it has something to do with the screen. With BlueStacks we are reporting that 30% of people can play the game. With Jar of Beans also 30% and with Youwave 40% working.

Candy Crush Saga on PC Download Results Candy Crush Saga on PC



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